I'm a software developer by trade. Not only do I code for a living, I involve myself in several software projects in my free time. Here are a few public projects:

MTG Press
A website for proxying Magic: the Gathering cards. Users enter their decklist into the website, and images of cards are output to a PDF for printing. Users have the ability to resize images, add crop or cut lines, and select what Magic set each card comes from. I've worked on this website since 2012. Originally developed in PHP/JavaScript/MySQL, current version developed in C#/MVC/JavaScript/SQL Server.

Rosewatta Stone
A bot that takes a Magic: the Gathering card, translates it through a dozen languages with Google Translate, and posts the results to a Twitter account once a day. The results are often amusing, insightful, or downright weird. This has been a fun project to work on, and the Twitter account continues to grow into the tens of thousands of followers. The project was started in 2017 and developed in PHP/JavaScript/MySQL.

Novella Stone
A website inspired by Rosewatta Stone (above) that translates literature into gibberish using Google Translate. This page was developed with a friend as a 2017 entry into the NaNoGenMo challenge. Developed exclusively in JavaScript.

A helper application that sits alongside Magic Online (Modo) and lets you pass priority or pass the turn with a mouse click or screen tap. Useful for gamers who are on a tablet or use a touchscreen monitor. Developed in C#/Windows Forms.