Andy Performs Standup

I'm an amateur comedian. I used to perform persuasive and dramatic interpretation events in high school speech, so standup comedy was a natural transition. I've only performed a few times but I've enjoyed it so far. I've been known to perform at open mics at Duffy's in Lincoln.

For inspiration, I consult the stylings of Mitch Hedberg and Mike Birbiglia. Hedberg is the late king of the one-liner while Birbiglia is a master storyteller.

Ron Swanson and Andy as Ron Swanson

I'm a big fan of the TV show Parks and Recreation. I've watched every episode at least four times. I grew an epic mustache and went as Ron Swanson (pictured above; Ron on the left, me on the right) for Halloween one year.

Leslie Knope for City Council yard sign

I also display this custom "Leslie Knope for City Council" yard sign during election seasons.