andy at wrigley field

Hi, I'm Andy Rutledge and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. This website used to be my blog, but now I pretty much use Facebook for that.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I've been interested in computers and programming since I was old enough to reach a keyboard. I graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

HobbyTown USA

I'm a software developer and I work at HobbyTown Headquarters. I maintain the website, which is a combination Content Management System (CMS) and eCommerce website.

Magic: The Gathering

I play Magic: The Gathering. My favorite format is cube draft; I've built my own cube if you want to check it out. I'm a big fan of painted/altered cards and put as many as I can get my hands on in my cube. You can likely catch me playing Magic at Hobbytown at Pioneer Woods on any given day or streaming on Twitch.

I am also Level 2 Magic judge. I judge competitive events in the Lincoln and Omaha area.

If you play Magic Online (Modo) on a touchscreen monitor or Surface tablet (or you just don't like using the keyboard), you might be interested in a little app I put together called PassPriority.exe. It's a small window with two buttons that submits F2 and F6 commands to the Magic Online window so you can pass priority and pass the turn without using your keyboard.

Chicago Cubs

I enjoy watching sports. My favorite sport to watch is baseball and my favorite pro team is the Chicago Cubs. I've been a fan of the Cubs since I was six years old and have become a rather devoted fan in the last several years. I usually make it to a Cubs game or two at Wrigley every summer.

I also like to watch football; my favorite team is (naturally) the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I've come to enjoy pro football more than I used to; I don't really have a specific team that I follow, but I always root for former Nebraska players.

I also enjoy playing sports. I occasionally partake in a local bowling league, and even took home the gold medal several years back in the Cornhusker State Games. I've played softball during the summer with an office softball team. I've also been known to play ping-pong, foosball, and badminton from time to time.

Shadows Fall logo

I love music! My favorite band is Shadows Fall. I first heard them on Guitar Hero and I was hooked. I like most genres but most of all, hard rock and metal. I also play the guitar, acoustic and electric, just for fun. I'm working on writing a song, you can hear how it's coming along:

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